Rope Sleep Repeat (2nd Book)

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Rope Sleep Repeat - 2nd Book 

It's Good News/Bad News kind of day for Cowboy Cody. 
The Good News? He is going to his first roping jackpot today. 
The Bad News? It is NOTHING like he expected. 
Watch Cody 'Cowboy Up' and learn that even though he wants to fit in, that maybe...just maybe... 
He is meant to stand out!

In Rope, Sleep...Repeat, readers meet a kind little cowboy who finds a way to rope his best enemy into being his best friend. 
This is an exciting western adventure staring everyone's favorite little buckaroo -  Cowboy Cody. 
Bullying touches children from all walks of life - including the rodeo arena! 
Rope, Sleep...Repeat is an uplifting story which touches on the risks and rewards of making new friends. This story will build a bridge to helpful conversations with kids about why bullying happens and how kids can drive it away.